Light the Way with Bicycle LEDs

Cycling on America’s streets is not without risks which is why we like to stay safe when we collect and deliver our compost. Our customers are expecting us therefore we ensure that we are wearing appropriate protective head gear and clothing throughout our journeys. All of our fellow cyclists have a responsibility to ensure that they are seen on the streets by motorists which is why bicycle lighting is so important.

(Infographic) Mining Black Gold

If you've read any of our blogs, you know that compost is amazing for the soil and increases plant health. Did you know the product itself is also quite valuable? In fact one cubic yard of compost is estimated to be worth $562. Can you believe that? Those banana peels and apple cores you throw in the trash could actually be saving farmers or yourself thousands of dollars.

Meet Your Pedaller - Taylor Tazewell

It takes a special breed of person to pedal compost. The job of biking hundreds of pounds of organics around Austin is both physically and mentally demanding. Yep, our Pedallers are the complete package: they are strong cyclists and dedicated environmentals stewards with colorful personalities and just the right amount of crazy.  Today we caught up with Pedaller Taylor Tazewell to learn more about the man beneath the helmet.