Our (Apple) Core Values

Our (Apple) Core Values

We are Pedallers with a purpose. What sets our business apart is that we stand for something BIG, and we cycle to the beat of our own drum. We're also a values-driven organization. I'd like to take a moment to share with you the four core values that guide every decision we make at Compost Pedallers, and what they mean to us.


We're working to build a sustainable food system in Austin, Texas. What the heck is a "sustainable" food system, you ask? It's one that is capable of feeding and regenerating itself. Given the increasing rate of climate change, we believe that the time for incremental changes to "business as usual" are long gone.  We all know that making a few efficiency improvements on a system that is fundamentally broken and wasteful is not going to cut it. That's why we've designed a completely new, regenerative food cycle that uses previously wasted organics to grow a greener city.  It's time to fundamentally shift the way we relate to the places we live and the food we eat. Less waste, more food, zero carbon footprint. That's true sustainability. 


Our business was founded out of a desire to have a positive impact on the city we love. We recognize that a strong community is key to a healthy society.  Sure, we contribute by trimming our city’s “waste line,” but the Compost Pedallers are so much more than a waste hauler.  In fact, we think of ourselves more like honey bees. That’s right, honey bees. Think about it, we cross-pollinate between Austin residents, urban agriculture, local businesses, and policymakers, increasing the fertility of our city and bringing these groups closer to each other.  By connecting neighbors to each other, the places they live, and the food they eat, we're enriching the communities we serve.
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We understand that the key to making any healthy lifestyle choice is to make that behaviors as simple as possible. That's why we are obsessed with providing the simplest composting solution for Austinites. We do the dirty work, so you don't have to. With Compost Pedallers weekly collections you only have to worry about putting your organics in our little green bin instead of the trash! In fact, you can get started in just minutes. Sign up HERE.


The act of composting is literally creating life out of waste. Every day, our business is taking out the trash and creating a greener future for Austin. We are also unleashing our creativity to tackle complex social and environmental problems. Every day, we work to rethink what it means to be a sustainable business and redefine urban waste management in a quickly urbanizing world.
Austin is a creative town, and our bike-powered business has been proudly doing our part to keep it weird since 2012. 
Here at Compost Pedallers, we stand for something. Join our growing network of composters and stand with us!
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