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A few months ago we ran an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for new e-bikes to improve our efficiency and make the job easier on our Pedaller's joints. We had great participation from people all over the world and are extremely grateful for all the people that believe in our mission of diverting organic waste from the landfill. Thank you to all of our supporters!

Mark McKim

Brennen Thaney

Michael McIntosh

Brendan Wittstruck

Orlando Castill

Kristal Sprague

Lisa Feder

Peter Craig

Leah Bojo

Carsi Mitzner

Daniel Heron

Jacob Graham

Emma Starkman

Molly Morman


Tyler Edmunds

William Rowe

Meagan Dean

Michael Mangan

Sergey Martynov

Jim Dodgen

Karl Saltzman

James Brownie

Paul Wilson

Neeraj Kumar

Zane Prodahl

Jason Mahon

Anson Smith

Richard Mackey

Pierre Jauniaux

Cameron Abby

Rebecca Stuch

Atour Charles

Aleksiina Chapman

Emma Brand

Ingrid Tower

Leonardo Lopez

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