The Compost Pedallers Kickoff Competition

The Compost Pedallers Kickoff Competition

We've got the bikes, we've got the Pedallers, and our farm partners' compost piles are all set to start receiving your compostables.  Now where do we start?! Our goal is to eventaully bring our bike-powered compost recycling service to the entire east side, but we recognize the importance of starting small and expanding one neighborhood at a time.  

Since we started this project as a way to enrich our community, it only makes sense that we look to the community to decide where to roll out our composting service to first. So we've decided to put it to a vote and hold an election of our own this fall.  

Are you ready to stop feeding the landfill and start feeding the community? Do you believe in a program that is reducing waste, supporting local agriculture, and uniting neighborhoods without burning a single drop of fossil fuels?  Here's your chance to get in on the ground floor of Austin's first completely bike-powered compost collection service.  For the next month, you can cast your vote to bring the Compost Pedallers to your street and win you and your neighbors a free month of compost collection!


We've broken the east side into 21 districts of relatively equal size. Smaller than neighborhoods and larger than blocks, our districts are just the right size to make our collection effective while maintaining a strong sense of community.  When you place your vote, the district you live in will be awarded a point. The district with the most votes at the end of the election period will win a free month of pedal-powered compost collection!


The voting process is simple.  Just fill out your name, email, and home address on one of our ballots and be prepared to help change your community for the better.  

You can cast your vote in person at one of our mobile voting booths set up at east side farmers’ markets and community events OR easily fill your ballot out online by following the link on our facebook page.  To keep things fair, only 1 vote will be counted for each household.

After you submit your vote, we’ll shoot you a confirmation email to verify that your info is correct.  Once confirmed, your district will be awarded 1 point.  From there, you’ll have the option to DOUBLE your vote (and your impact on your district's chances to win a month of free composting) by simply ‘liking’ the East Side Compost Pedaller facebook page, which will be updated regularly with the latest news from the campaign trail.

The polls open at 11:00am on Sunday October 14th and close at Noon on Sunday, November 4th.  The district with the most votes at the end of the election period will win free compost collection with the East Side Compost Pedallers for the month of December.

On top of a free month of weekly compost collection, the district with the most votes will win a Block Party complete with local food, local drink, and local live music to help bring neighbors together and to kick this thing off in the right way.


While we are excited to get all of you apartment dwellers into the loop as well, this competition is just for east side homes and duplexes.  If you live in an apartment, let your management know that you want to start composting with the Pedallers. That way, your complex will be poised to jump on board when we start servicing apartments in the coming months.

We welcome all of your questions and comments on our Facebook page, or you can email us at

See you on the campaign trail!